💎Hora Coin

New era of crypto mining!

Hora Coin ($HCOIN) is our premium cross-chain cryptocurrency which will be used within the Horaverse.

Basic info

  • A limited supply of 300.000.000 $HCOIN

  • NOT pre-minted

  • NO developer or investor holdings

  • Decentralized - minted exclusively by the smart contract of Hora Miner and Building Owners (Buildings need to be fully utilized, please read more about the meaning of that in the Hora Miner section)

  • A guaranteed price of $HCOIN via our ETH Fund, which is in the smart contract, will be formed from $ETH paid by players for the Hora Miner assembly (this can prevent dumping of the token below it's producing price).

Hora Coin ($HCOIN) will be the one and only cryptocurrency on the entire market that will be obtained by simulation of the Proof-Of-Work concept with NFTs and smart contracts!


The entire mining process of $HCOIN will be very similar to Bitcoin mining. At the start, you will be able to obtain it fast (most beneficial for early adopters) and then the reward system will decline as time goes by.

In PoW mining, specific miners validate a block of transactions and get a reward for it. In our case, we will gamify the process through the smart contracts and users will be able to see who mined the block in real time. Each block reward will be split between Rig owner, Building owner and Building manager based on the percentages they agreed on.

Once we deploy our smart contracts, and finalize development of Hora Miner we will provide more technical details.

Hora Coins will be exclusively distributed by mining it with Hora Miners placed inside Building NFTs in NFT City Miner web3 gamified application.

Utility and Burn

  • Mint of GPUs

  • In-app purchases

  • It will be used in the Hora Hub Marketplace

  • Launchpad of new NFT projects

  • A certain percentage of fees will be burnt and a certain percentage will be retained by Hora Games


  • Ethereum

  • Polygon


Once we deploy Hora Coin contract to multiple chains, we will add links to the exchanges here.

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