A whole new experience!

In crypto and NFT ecosystems, launchpads represent a form of incubator for projects. On these platforms, teams and creators are able to raise funds to build and launch their projects.

Our launchpad will have the same premise as others, but with an innovative approach to the entire idea of fundraising!

One of the first projects to be presented on our launchpad will be Horaverse Pass and NFT City Miner's Buildings Pre-sale, which will be an introduction to this platform. In the future, we plan to use it for our upcoming games as well, which will bring that innovation to its full potential!

We would be very much open to share our launchpad and unique fundraising system with other developers. This will enable them to be a part of something that changes the outlook of current launchpad environments! More about that in future updates of the Horaverse whitepaper.

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