👨‍đŸ’ŧBuilding Manager

Your Crypto Idle Miner experience will be crucial!

If the owner is not interested in managing their buildings, there will be a possibility to hire Building Manager, which will manage their building for a certain fee, the percentage of earned Hora Coins in the building.

The percentage ratio is set by a deal between a Building Owner and a Building Manager. Since building management, especially with larger buildings, can be complicated, this will create a market for managers, and the owners will, instead of spending their time, find an appropriate manager who will do the work for them, and get paid in return.

Much like Building owners, Managers will put their offer on the marketplace, and owners will review their previous performance, get into contact with the Manager, and possibly, hire them.

Owners can also opt-in to hire multiple Managers. Managers can either manage an entire building or single/multiple floors. This is left to the owner to decide, but on larger buildings, a single manager might have trouble managing the entire building himself.

Firing Building Managers

If the Building Manager shows poor performance, the owner can fire the manager. There will be a grace period, like for miner owners, where managers will still be employed for a certain amount of time.

Review Building Managers

While searching for a Manager, the owners will be able to see the Manager's profile, his previous employment history, and measures of performance. This will enable the owners to get a better picture of the potential manager that they would employ.

Working Conditions

Managers can set their salary in the percentage of mined resources, and it is up to the owners if they would want to hire a certain Manager. More experienced Managers will be able to set a higher price for their employment, because they will be able to maximize the building earning potential with the experience they have gained while managing previous buildings. Also, a single manager can run multiple buildings.

A good place to meet and get know about good Building Managers will be our Discord community with a dedicated channels to it.

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