This outline will help you navigate through the Horaverse whitepaper. Each of the categories will be fully presented and elaborated in dedicated sections.


Our entire economic ecosystem is built on the idea of sustainability for long-term projects and on currencies that are exclusively zero pre-minted by developers.

Explore the possibilities of Hora Token and Hora Coin and see how we want to create a healthy structure that is backed by our ETH Fund.

Hora Hub

The central role of the Horaverse. This is a unique web3 platform that will enable all blockchain transactions to happen within our universe of games, tokens and NFTs! It is built with one thing on our minds - simplicity.

At first, Hora Hub will act as a bridge between Hora Tokens built on Tron and BNB Chain, as well as withdrawing earned Hora Tokens.

Later on, we will introduce features such as cross-chain swap, marketplace and launchpad, which will be a unique crowdfunding platform for projects made by us and other developers.

Crypto Idle Miner

Our first project that put us on the map of play-and-earn gaming and made us one of the pioneers in this emerging genre. Today, we stand strong with over 1.000.000 downloads and is one of the main sources of earning crypto and NFTs in the Horaverse!

Crypto Idle Minerโ€™s role in the Horaverse is to act as one of the main sources of Hora Tokens, as well as NFT GPU parts that will be assembled into Hora Miner (NFT Rig), used for mining Hora Coins.

NFT City Miner

Next in line project to be released.

It is a natural evolution of Crypto Idle Miner that will merge worlds of gaming and NFTs. It will be a one-of-a-kind investment web3 app with gamified content. In this section you will be introduced to NFTs, passive income and social interaction between players and investors.

NFT City Miner will act as the only source of mining Hora Coins, premium currency of the Horaverse ecosystem. Previously assembled Hora Miners will be placed in Building NFTs and once placed, passive income starts (mining of Hora Coins), along with interaction between Building Owners and Building Managers who will optimize the output of your crypto mining setup.

Explore the Horaverse whitepaper and join us on our mission to make an impact on a crypto gaming!

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