Explore, buy, sell!

Hora Hub includes a marketplace. The marketplace is a digital platform for buying and selling NFTs. Marketplaces, in general, allow people to store, display and sell their NFTs to other people in exchange for crypto.

Our idea for Hora Hub Marketplace is to create an NFT Marketplace Aggregator. In essence, this approach will allow all users to browse and discover NFTs from most popular marketplaces. Having a convenience as a main feature on our minds, we wanted to utilize the full potential of Hora Hub for its users and create easy-to-use platform that will be used on a daily basis.

One of the first collections created and deployed to marketplace by Hora Games will be:

  • NFT City Miner - GPU Parts

  • NFT City Miner - GPUs

  • NFT City Miner - Hora Miners

  • NFT City Miner - Buildings

  • Crypto Idle Miner - Badges

The main currency for trading on the marketplace will be Hora Coin ($HCOIN). GPU parts, GPUs and Badges will most likely be built on Polygon Network, while Hora Miners and Buildings will be built on Ethereum. Keep in mind that this section is still in the development phase, especially NFTs, and some aspects of the whitepaper can or will be changed in the future.

Marketplace will also contain a store where you can utilize your earned Hora Coins for some in-app purchases. This store will be divided into sections per game for easier navigation and a more user-friendly experience.

As we grow in the future, the marketplace will become one of the essential features of Hora Hub and Horaverse in total. This will be the main place for all financial aspects of future gaming.

The plan is to allow other developers to use it, especially those who use Hora Hub Launchpad. And one crucial thing that we would like to point out - we will do our best to maintain and filter projects, as other developers start to use it in the future.

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