đŸ’ŧBuilding Management

Optimize for maximum profit!

Once the Building NFT has been acquired by the player, it will be sent to their respective wallets and fully owned by the player.

Each Building NFT will have a certain number of tiles available for miner placement, trails, interior decor, boosts, craftable NFTs, and more. As previously explained, depending on the Zone of the acquired Building, the floors, and the Hora Miners capacity change. The more exclusive the Building is, the more capacity and benefit it has.

Miner spots management

The Building owners can list their miner spots for renting or fill them with their own Hora Miners. If the Building owner decides to list them for rent, then other Hora Miner owners can apply with specifications of their miner efficiency, and then the Building owner can choose which one of the applicants they want to mine in their building.

The Building owners can set a percentage of all mined resources that all applicants will pay as rent, and collect the yield accordingly on a regular schedule.

In addition, the Building owners will have full control over application parameters meaning - the Building owners will set a minimum required miner stats.

Management strategy

As a Building owner, users will have to pay close attention to the output of their building and optimize it. For example, the Building owner has the ability to set parameters for the first 2 floors of his building to accept lower-tier miners, and the second 2 floors to accept only mid to high-tier miners. The owner can also split his floor to accept multiple types of tiers. This opens up the possibility of maximizing profits with good building management.

If the Building owner at any point becomes unsatisfied with the performance of the Hora Miner owner, he will have an option to fire the Hora Miner owner from the building. In order to avoid exploitation, this will be a process that will not happen instantly, but rather there will be a grace period in which the Hora Miner owner will have a chance to find a new spot for his miners.

If the Building owner has hired a Hora Miner owner, he will not be able to fire them for a certain period of time.

Building owners will have two options for building management:

  • They can run and optimize the workflow within them by themselves; or

  • They can hire a Building Manager who can help them.

If Building owners decide to go with the second option, which is explained in a dedicated section, they will be able to hire someone to perform tasks for them in exchange for a profit cut.

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