🎟️Horaverse Pass

Horaverse (Founders) Pass is a limited NFT collection that will enable access to the most exclusive web3 features in the Horaverse.

Holders of Horaverse Pass will be considered as Founders, and we will address you as such. You’ll be an independent and private advisor group that will make a great impact by providing financial support. This means that holders of Horaverse Pass will have premium DAO membership and they will also act as a regulatory body that will provide their input on a regular basis in order to scale the entire Horaverse to a level of the best mobile gaming metaverses!

The main benefit of being a Founder is having royalties from Hora Hub.

Key Features of the Pass:

  • Limited collection with 1000 NFTs

  • Will be minted on Ethereum Network, ERC721 token

Horaverse Founders Pass benefits:

  • Royalties of Hora Hub income (this includes fees from marketplace, portion of in-app purchases revenue, launchpad revenue, and swap fees)

  • Royalties of all NFT sales done by Hora Games

  • Certain number of guaranteed whitelists in all of our projects (NFT City Miner Buildings, upcoming game project) as well as in other NFT projects (depending on how many do we hold from various collaborations)

  • Airdrop of certain NFT collections, such as NFT GPUs

  • Beta access to all of our web3 products and games

  • Exclusive vote power within our DAO system (along with Hora Coin holders)

  • Access to private rooms on our Discord servers

  • Twice a year Hora Games team meeting access and attendance

  • Support priority

Horaverse Pass mint is in development, and it will be first of many that we as Hora Games will contribute to the NFT world. The pre-sale will happen on Hora Hub launchpad.

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