🔄Swap (Cross-Chain)

Swap your assets to a preferable network

Blockchain and crypto ecosystems are constantly evolving, and having this in mind, we created our digital assets to be cross-chain projects. This permission allows our players, users, and holders a variety of options to store and collect crypto assets on the network of their choice. If you are wondering why we did that, that is because, we want to see our users have the maximum benefit or simply enjoy this convenience.

To avoid the challenges of converting tokens from one particular network to tokens on another network, our cross-chain swap will make this process far easier because the idea of multi-chain must be simple to use and utilizable. It will use unique pricing mechanisms that will support a large number of exchanges to provide our users with a single-click transaction experience.

With Hora Hub, we wanted to create one blockchain tool that would be easy to understand and be used daily. Cross-chain swap is the perfect fit for that since it is going to be released as one of the first features of the Hora Hub. Also, this will answer one of the most repeated questions we have received throughout the years - how and where can I buy your tokens?

It will be a unified place where players and investors can buy and sell their tokens without any necessary hustle. Cross-chain swap will enable transactions of tokens into desired native currencies ($ETH, $BNB, $MATIC) as well as into stable currencies ($USDT, $USDC, $BUSD) and into a variety of different tokens and coins, from other play-and-earn projects as well!

Why Cross-chain?

In our opinion, cross-chain swap gives the best possible UX solution at the moment. Definitively, it is better than existing swaps and reduces the number of tools the average user has to use for a simple transaction. Cross-chain swap will have a bridge implemented, and cross-network transactions will be possible. So essentially, users will be able to convert, for example, Hora Tokens on BNB Chain into any other token on a different network.

Supported bridges will be: polygon bridge, cbridge, multichain, hop, optimism, connext, across, arbitrum, avalanche, hyphen.

We will support over 15 networks, among them will be Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon as well as other EMV-compatible networks.

Cross-chain swap should be looked at as a unique aggregation unit of bridges, blockchains, DEXs, and liquidity providers. With this possibility of choices and options, we will provide all of our users with the fastest and safest route to swap their tokens.

Supported DEXs: uniswap, quickswap, pancakeswap, dodo, paraswap, 1inch, openocean, 0x, superfluid, honeyswap, spookyswap, spiritswap, solarbeam, jswap, cronaswap, voltage, ubeswap, sushiswap.

Hora Hub Swap will utilize li.fi protocol, and we will not perform any exchange or activity ourselves.

Usability in Horaverse

Hora Hub Swap will enable one very important feature in the Horaverse, and that is - convenience.

With that, we will be able to create a unique marketplace in which holders of an NFT will have an opportunity to choose the cryptocurrency they wish to receive for their NFT if they want to sell them. On the other hand, buyers will have the convenience of paying for that NFT in cryptocurrency they hold or want.

By supporting multiple networks and various bridges, Horaverse becomes a true cross-chain project. And with the variety of liquidity providers, we are expanding the security to a whole new level.

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