The central place of Horaverse

Hora Hub is a web3 platform by Hora Games, a place that binds all of our projects together. On it, users will be able to manage their account, token and coin allocation, visit the marketplace and keep track, as well as participate in pre-sales and new projects fundraisings.

As our whitepaper mentioned, Hora Hub plays a central role in the Horaverse. Complexity and confusion are something that sums up the current play-and-earn ecosystems. We believe that this can be done in a much simpler way. Mass adoption requires that. To make things easier for our players and investors, we like to present Hora Hub with the analogy that depicts it almost perfectly and everyone is familiar with it.

Hora Hub will be the driving force of our economic ecosystem, a powerhouse that supports and interconnects all of the projects within the Horaverse.

Hora Hub is a web3 application that consists of 4 major segments, all encouraging and supporting the concept of Horaverse:

  • Portfolio

  • Marketplace

  • Launchpad

  • Swap

On Hora Hub players and investors will be able to deposit, withdraw or trade their assets collected from the games that are part of the Horaverse financial ecosystem. Our games and projects, as well as from other developers in the future.

Everyone who likes the concept of blockchain gaming, but does not like the usual complexity of withdrawing their owned assets, will love the Hora Hub. We managed to build a fairly simple user-friendly application that will help you to navigate and allocate your Crypto/NFTs.

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