๐Ÿ†”Hora ID

All projects of the Horaverse will have one synthesizing element which will connect them all into one dynamic unit. An element that will make your progress compatible, stable, and secure.

Let us introduce you to - Hora ID.

Hora ID is a universal account used in all projects that are part of the Horaverse.

Have in mind, that at the moment, you can create your Hora ID by downloading Crypto Idle Miner from the Google Play or App Store, which is the first step in joining the Horaverse. Creating a Hora ID will be a fundamental step in your play-and-earn experience.

Once you create it, you donโ€™t need to do that again, and go through the registration process in other apps/games.

Upon receiving your unique Hora ID, you will be able to bind your gameplay progress and your assets into one place.

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